The Department of Minerals and Petroleum (DMP) invited Mike Dean to present to their annual Registration of Cranes Forum on 22nd July 2014 held in Perth, WA.  The forum was organised by the DMP to give feedback to crane designers, design verifiers, suppliers and end-users on WA minesites on industry compliance to the regulations related to crane registrations. The presentation Mike gave was the same as that provided to Engineers Australia on 19th February 2014 titled "Legal Obligations for OHS Risk Minimisation by Designers and Suppliers of Mining Machinery".  The presentation is available on our website Downloads page for free download.  The key message of the presentation is that the "SFAIRP" (so far as is reasonably practicable) obligations to implement risk reduction measures until there are no further practicable measures left... differs from conventional efforts at safety risk management, which are often focussed entirely upon meeting a corporate risk threshold of sufficiently low risk.